Journal Issue: 1/2014

The first Issue in the year 2014 of the journal ICCST is out. In the Issue you can read about the state of the art Bulgarian scientific researches by the leading researchers in many subject areas.


Authors: Valentin Stoyanov,

A intelligent system based on rules  is introduced. Examples on ventilation system for a poultry-farm and fuel system for internal-combustion engine are given for better understanding of the theoretical decision. The relations between the entities of knowledge in the domain area, the rule-based structure of the model as well as the historical cases library are presented in graphical form. The common features in a intelligent system and computer-aided training are marked. The necessity for j...

Analysis of the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Radio Channel Characterization

Authors: Grigor Mihaylov, Elena Ivanova, Teodor Iliev

In future mobile communication systems, more users will rely on mobile data services. Wireless cellular networks feature two emerging technological trends: direct Device-to-Device communications and Machine-Type Communications. Direct device-to-device communications is regarded as a promising technology to provide low-power, high data rate and low-latency services between end-users in the future 5G networks.

Application of serious games in education: prerequisites, motivating factors and state of the art

Authors: Delian Enchev,, Tsvetozar Georgiev, Boris Evstatiev

In this paper a review was performed on the application of serious games in education. The main prerequisites, pros and cons have been analysed and the key motivating factors which make people play games were identified. Additionally a review of the existing serious games used for educational purpose were performed. The results of the study showed that even though there are many serious games, very few are used as a mandatory tool in education. In some universities serious games are used in econ...

Automated determining the power required and selection of electric motors for reciprocating compressors

Authors: Konstantinos Karakulidis,

Paper deals with appropriate choice of electric motors for reciprocating compressors. For solving the equation of motion of the electric drive of these mechanisms characterized by reciprocating motion, numerical methods (calculus) have been used.

Evaluation of the freshness of meat and meat products by spectral and hyperspectral characteristics

Authors: Zlatin Zlatev,

The report presents the ability of implementation of the methods for analysis of spectral and hyperspectral data of meat and meat products. Theoretical justification of these methods are presented for obtaining and processing of spectral and hyperspectral characteristics of the studied food products. Attention is paid to those that in a strong degree affect the problem at storage of meat and meat products. Analyzed is the possibility of introducing objective criteria for determining quality test...

Human – Robot Interaction and Control via Wireless Communication

Authors: Kiril N. Nikolov , Ognyan B. Manolov

This work aims to describe another contemporary manner for interaction between human and mechatronic device by Bluetooth communication with a purpose for implementing wireless remote motion control of an educational mobile robot.

Microcomputer System for Research of Harvester

Authors: Georgi Krastev , Lachezar Yordanov

In this publication it is presented microcomputer system for the study the combine harvester. The system collects information from sensors combine harvester, accumulates information in the data memory and then transfers it to portable computer for processing. The system has the ability to join the board information system of the combine harvester in one of the serial interface to its information highway without serial interface, too.

Determination of the Equivalent Parameters of the Inductor-Workpiece System by Using the Finite Element Method

Authors: Hristo Ibrishimov,

The present paper views the determination of the equivalent parameters of the inductor-workpiece system by means of numerical methods. The equivalent parameters have been obtained on a mathematical model of the inductor-workpiece system by using the Finite Element Method.

Unmanned aerostat with a navigation system based on microcontroller Arduino

Authors: Daniel Denev, Filip Filipov

Nowadays, more and more often a need for human intervention in hostile or inaccessible areas for people. Also the need for increased transmission of the telemetry data from the research equipment supplied in the area of study . All these developments in contemporary robotics have led to increased interest in unmanned and autonomous systems. These are research robots and drones . The latter are common in air photography, military intelligence, monitoring traffic, rescue, security, study of the se...

Optical methods for food quality and safety assessment – a review

Authors: Miroljub Mladenov,, Stanislav Penchev,Martin Deyanov

This article is an analysis of optical methods for nondestructive, express, automated assessment of quality and safety of food products based on the analysis of visual images, spectral characteristics and hyperspectral images. In the context of the investigation, the complex assessment includes an assessment of the appearance and visual characteristics of the investigated products, evaluation of features associated with the composition of the product and the distribution of the features on its s...